After having a vacation with our girlfriends, we needed a well deserved rehab. Hands up if you’re with us. Right after this narrow cohabitation, we asked Triumph to test the cross-country version of its Tiger 800, the Xcx. The one with the 21 spokes on the anterior wheel. Surely the best version to ride and roam around through the woods.
We took off immediately, with no precise place to reach actually.
The result was that, after almost 100kms out off Milan, direction Val del Sale, we decided (we were lost, to be honest) to camp on the very first non-sloping lawn available.

Needless to say that the aboundance of electronic components on this type of bike, allows you to handle each type of ground, in the best way possible. Map and cruise control, made our journey – while on the paved road – very comfy, whilst the bike’s off-road mapping, allowed us to reach incredible spots rising up muleteers, with an uncommon agility. One flaw is about the supply. It is pretty ok when revved up. While during the low-speed phase, ain’t pushes like one could think. It makes sense tho: this bike is meant to ride – at first – on the asphalt, not in the woods while tryin’ to escape from your girlfriends, a fluid erogation and a good extension are the features that make this veichle very pleasant to drive on the road.

Triumph Tiger XCX-25