Going to the airport to take your girlfriend can be a way cooler experience than one could think.

For example you can go take her driving a Rolls Royce, flight is delayed and just nearby the airport there is a wonderful motocross track waiting for you.
We thought to make a surprise to Andrea’s girlfriend by going to take her on a Rolls Ghost, that we’ve been asked to test and write about. We NGA clubbers are some kind of beautiful lads, isn’t it? Actually, something slightly different from what we originally planned happened in the end.
Flight delayed, so we decided to pop into the paddock of this track near the airport. We lost our sense of time. Totally. We watched the car race and we had a chat with many of the riders in order to steal some secrets to improve our off-road skills.
Time flies tho. Airplane landed, we messed up and Andrea’s girl came back home on a taxi.
We would like to apologize with her anyways. Andrea himself had the idea to stop by the track to watch the race.. we tried to convince him we were late, but… nothing, sorry.

Pic by Leo Iannelli