We are in L.A., a nice view on San Gabriel’s hills and, most of all, an house whose best part is our car’s parking lot.

Imagine how it feels to get back home riding your Porsche, once you made it to the top of the hill, you’ll find a comfy and spacious place – either covered or outdoor – waiting there for your beloved. Only a bridge that links to the road separates you from this house which literally floats on the californian hills. A project whose style is well defined and clear like every real men’s lair should be. Everything, on this sloping ground, is based on an overturned structure: here the parking lot and the entrance are on the top of the dwelling while the living room and the bedroom are placed respectively one an two floors below our car’s spot.


Cement, refined materials, clean lines and squared off cuts of light on the American West Coast original landscape, surrounded by nature but with every comfort one could ask for. Making it short, a cool place for cool people, people who surely do not forget to give their Porsche the importance it needs.


Author: Riccardo Crenna

Project: Anonymous Architects

Location: Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Photo: Steve King