…I could not believe it. No one could believe it. Not even the ones that me and Riccardo have sown between a traffic light and the other.

Even as kids, making races between the curves of your city felt practically like a duty. Until a few years ago, riding under a granny’s house with your two-stroke bike, would have meant taking a whole bucket of iced water on your head right at the second lap . Now you can do it with a Zero. All night long. Nobody will hear you. And the bikes are fast ones as well. Real fast ones.

And that’s exactly what we did.

We all know about the great performances of electric engines. A lot of immediate torque and a pretty long-lasting shot. Test them is another thing. If you see them, they would look pretty harmless (this may be the only improvement area for Zero), but they are not harmelss at all!

Those are real bikes. And the SR, the most powerful of the range, has more torque than a Ducati Panigale. Just sayin’. It brakes, it folds. It’s a sport bike as a matter of fact. Zero to one-hundred in a bit more than 4 seconds and a maximum speed of 160kph.

If you are wondering about autonomy, you should know that it depends on a number of factors: how you drive (decelerating without braking means to recharge the battery) and how fast you go. If you behave yourself, your tank will last for more than 250km. If you’re a bad guy, it will last the half.

How did it go? We did not want to return them back.