Here we are. Our car renewed, our Club founded. To start things right we wanted the first Club’s car to be something special, yet raw, with a huge capacity and – of course – sexy.

So we decided to turn a ten year old Jeep Wrangler into a little jewel with a first-second gear shiftin’ game you’d die for. Just to keep it clear.. the car has been completely┬ádisassembled, arranged, painted and reassembled. One of the best challenges was to paint, with the same shade of burgundy, seats, plastics and the tapestry. I know you know the struggle. That aspect was truly important. I mean, for real. Also for what concernes the mechanics, we’ve been pretty busy. To add the nice rafts (33), we changed the suspension and settled the spacers. Not to mention that the car was crooked…infact, on one side, we needed few inches more to put it in line. Do not ask. We don’t know. What matters is that we have a real beast here, its petrol engine (4.000 cylinder capacity), pushes like a bastard.