Like Tyson vs. Muhammed Alì
We all agree that, because of pretty obvious reasons, we’ll never know who would win a match like this, but we do like to think about it anyway. Everyone would enjoy to make such imagination effort. So we thought to recreate this match using a couple of motorbikes that can impersonificate these two boxe’s legends: on our ring we have imagined two furious three-cylinder.
In the right corner, with its ”Dark Side of Japan” dressing: the Yamaha MT09 (as Tyson), cool shape and bully attitude. On the other side, in its aggressive RX preparation: the Street Triple (as Alì).
Riccardo and Giorgio are ready to rumble: its sience bitch, we have to know who will overcome.
Who won? Who knows, we ain’t got it, honestly. MT is really powerful. Even when in its ”standard” mode, this bike is really off the hook. Feels like flyin’. Its three-cylinder can deliver all the boost one would need to feel the sensation of flyin’ away. Once you get used to its power, what you’ll spasmodically look for is some free road to exploit all of its strenght. Over and over and over again. Supensions felt slightly soft once we tried to raise the rhytm between the bends actually, but nothing prevented us from having some true-to-the-bone fun times during the entire test drive. Muhammed is pretty fleet, precise and responsive. Muhammed is the Street. Hits less harder than Tyson, but its cycling is what’s nearer to perfection, the engine can provide a regular amount of fuel and allows you to keep a brilliant average pace while driving on mixed paths: you won’t get tired… Tyson will. I know you are receiving some mixed up signals about the outcome of this challenge … well, I can only end up by sayin’ that the real deal would be having both of them.