Wait, wait, wait, wait. Let’s make the key points clear.

A: They are pilots. Not human beings.

B: Since I can remember, pilots tend to hurting themselves in both legal and illegal ways, in and out off the track.

C: A World Championship was up for grabs. Not exactly a a game of cards at the bar.

D: The golden rule: ‘’you piss me off, I will beat you’’, is legal also here.

E: Huge gestures of sportsmanship between Nations have not been seen lately. Here one should think of it a bit like Italy Vs. Spain.

Raise the hand who’s into sportsmanship. Who, will act like: ‘’hey man, here’s your World title, finish line is right there, be my guest and help yourself.’’ Come on! Who the heck in this world will not push away somebody who is annoying him over and over (for a whole race, or, let me say, for a whole championship). Let’s just be serious. They are running for winning since they were kids.

Cleared this point, sportsmanship ain’t always requested, let me tell you what went on this year.

Rossi, without even knowing how, started off the season in a great way, winning one race after the other. Lorenzo, while seeing Valentino winning, should have said to himself: ‘’well, I’m riding the same bike as him’’ and starts winning as well. Marquez ain’t did a real good year indeed, and challenged almost everyone who had the bad luck to pass him by. Probably harassed by the fact he went down once again while tryin’ to surpass Valentino (Argentina GP) and by the fact that VR46 crafty won a direct match (last bend during the Assen race), decided to break his balls for the whole second half of the championship.

Vale, at some point, went mad during an interview few days before the Sepang race, he said that Marquez acts like a drunk dude at the disco who dances glued to girls’ skirts, and he’s not able to push him away. Marquez, in Vale’s eyes, does so just to help Lorenzo out. He’s Spanish, just like him.


Freezing balls.

Anyway, next race showcases Marquez’ intentions. He ‘’dances’’ glued to Vale the whole time. Vale lose his patience and, pushes him away. Bad luck on his side tho.. from the camera’s shot, as seen on tv, it looks like he kicked the spanish rider just like Bruce Lee would have done. Ain’t like that tho…

Freezing balls pt.2.

Last race. Vale’s score is +7 on Lorenzo, who starts off the race from the pole position. Valentino, because of his Chuck-Norris-like kick from the previous race, starts from the last position. In order to win the championship, VR46 needs to arrive as first or second, or Lorenzo has to fall down (everyone hoped for this, except for the sportsmanship fellows out there of course), or other combinations that can cause headache only by thinking about.

Finishing order: Lorenzo (who made a pretty stunning race), Marquez (who never went in as hard as he could), Pedrosa (who, when decided to go in hard – he would have turned the tide of the season – has been threatened by Marquez himself).

The enemy of my enemy, is my friend.

Lorenzo won the championship with 7 races won, against Vale’s 4. He deserved it.

We did not get bored. When you are at the hairdresser, a chat about bike is often on… no more small talks about chemtrails.


Andrea Schiavina