We got a taste for it…that’s the bare truth. After crossing Europe from Milan to Biarritz with the F-Type S AWD, we practically got addicted to this sporty Jaguar.

Holidays with your in-laws are not that bad, especially if they have a house in Tuscany and you have to go back and forth from Milan with a F-Type R AWD with its 550 Hp. The “R” as the “pumped up” version of the “S”, as I expected, turned out to be waay more fun than the already enjoyable car that once took me to Biarritz.

We wouldn’t recommend the “R” for tailing someone. The sound is crazy and the FUNtastic little button “open the exhaust and show everyone you’re a man” does its job. The car snarls, roars speeding up and grumbles out loud when slowing down. Pure delight. Then, driving…wow…driving. The four-wheel drive holds the road as a remote controlled car on a Polistil track. Great balance in every circumstance, even at the “I’m late for dinner” speed. Have I already told you that the interior looks like an airplane? Never ending little gadgets, levers and buttons. Even if the function of all of them was never that clear to me, I spent days playing with them.

Pic by Andrea Schiavina and Christoph Cirillo