The Formula 1 world championship in Abu Dhabi has just ended and our British favorite has won, as predicted.  Rosenberg did what he was supposed to do. Ferrari made a stylish come-back – the races were a little less boring, but perhaps we have arrived at a moment of complete change for the Circus.

As an avid fan, I feel the urge to thank all the pilots because finally, we have been given a breath of fresh air – scented with Old School. THANK YOU.

Let me explain myself better by giving examples. Hamilton drove, expressing all the talent which runs in his blood.  But he performed even better out of the vehicle, through his social media accounts and in the weekend competitions, where he showed us his life made up of wheels, money, women and presumption.

Alonso and Button, driving cars that were not up to their standards, didn’t hide behind politically correct behaviour.  Even more, the epic image of the Spanish man, sunbathing in Brazil, having been left on foot and the successive walk to the podium at the final of Q1 with Button, Verstappen and Carlos Sainz junior made us understand that in two years’ time they will be fighting for the podium (mark my words).

Raikkonen and Botas have pulled out their old, unclosed disagreement on to the track, to the sound of wheel spins.  Vettel has made all the Ferrari fans, big and small, fall in love with him with his overtakings, victories, songs and to remember our Michael.

Thank you, because all of us madly in love with motorsport need all of this.


Andrea Busnelli