A gazebo, actually two. A dozen motorbikes. An oval. Adrenaline is rushing to the peak.

It all begins with a brief theory lesson ’cause, apparently, the flat track is not just opening the throttle all-over. It takes technique. A lot. Riding position, how to handle the gas and gain faith. Confidence in what Marco Belli says, even if you think a certain action doesn’t match with your self-preservation instinct.

The result, after a little practice, is insane. You can handle it. You’re riding sideways. Indeed. And the sensation is magic. The bikes are Yamaha SR 400 customized by Deus Ex Machina in order to make them perfect for the drifting biz. Good ones? Forget about it! Flat track makes you realize that you do not need two hundred horsepower to have fun on two wheels. Against any expectation everything feels less complicated than it looks (obviously at an amateur stage) and you don’t have to be a freak to have some mad mad fun.

“You know how good pasta is? Aight. That’s how it feels riding on the track. And the meat? You know how good a Fiorentina steak is? Here you are. That is the off-road. Well now think of a warm bowl of linguine with homemade meat sauce. That is Flat Track!”.

To figure out what goes on in the mind of those who approach for the first time to the flat, we have sent Riccardo Pozzoli that, once removed his helmet, with his face still covered in dust spoke these words. The example fits.


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