Something I had never done before was race on a track. This fact was persecuting me, especially when thinking of a future NGA challenge: “Holy crap, that same Saturday it’s my cousin’s Holy Communion, have fun!”. Impossible – a solution had to be found asap!

Then, the perfect chance : Jaguar at Mugello track day, not some clandestine kart race in some underground parking lot, but a Jaguar experience, driving the new F-Type in one of the five most beautiful tracks in the world.

I sneak in and drive away!

As soon as I arrive, there is a 360 degree view, an amazing track, an array of Jaguars and one sound that fills the air: a deep, low rumble that immediately makes my legs tremble. Must I drive those 550 horse power? Yes, let’s do it straight away.

The feeling is the same as you had as a five- year-old on Christmas morning. I sit down, adjust everything and press the “start” button; there is an immediate bonding, the controls are perfect and I feel all the power I was longing for. I’m off, on the box track and I am in front of everybody else. The rest is history. I could spend hours telling you how it feels to take curves like “L’Arrabiata 1” and “2” at embarrassing speeds. The rectilinear on full gas and the last lap when the co-pilot makes me slow down, in order to cool off the brakes. Maybe I exaggerated. It was my first time, and I wanted to do it on an F-Type 5.0 AWD with 550CV.

It was a rare privilege, a car built inside and out to give performance and comfort. Nothing is missing.

I have never been a fan of speed, but on the race track, it is a whole new story. There is no danger from others, it’s just you and your limits. So much adrenaline. They also teach me how to do two sideslips on an F-Type R with a rear traction and that’s it. Now I’m ready, I’ll be present at the next challenge.

Author: Riccardo Crenna

Pic: Andrea Schiavina