We just came up with the idea of making a shooting for the new Andrea’s Defender (the bordeaux one), in order to celebrate the latest edition of the most iconic off-road vehicle of all time. Well, that’s what he thought.

What we actually did was a full-scale ambush. What we needed was a car that Andrea would not recognize and some fake guns. Weapons were not a problem, Riccardo made a proper check over Amazon, and… and now we have a whole armory stuffed with all kinds of (fake) warfare weapons and boxes filled with plastic bullets and stuff like that. We can’t even step into our office without our riot gears on. But this is another story. What about the car you ask? Well, that was not that easy. We decided to wait untill Riccardo’s Defender would have been on point. It took one month to switch his car to the ”arctic mode”… a month of suffering in which we could not help ourselves in laughin’ while thinking about Andrea’s face when he’d have been surrounded by this terrific yet armed-to-the-teeth posse.

So what went down in the end?
Well, a desert parking lot, Andrea showed up earlier than expected, a car-drifting noize in the back, getting closer, he looks up: three idiots approaching on a white Defender, one of them lurking on the car’s overhead holding a (fake) rifle. Once we stepped out off the car running towards him holding our guns and rifles, the result was as much predictable as you can think.
He went a mad a little and once he managed to identify us, he insulted the whole posse for a significant amount of minutes.
Whats better to bring the peace back than some good ol’ offroad? It was 5pm in the afternoon, a couple of Defenders at your service… Time to mess around on the mud all together.

Pic by Christoph Cirillo and Andrea Schiavina