Awful names, yes. Amazing bikes, tho. Hasqvarna 401 Vitpilen e Svartpilen.

I think I’m not sayin’ something wrong if I tell that sometimes studying is needed.

The ones you can see below Svartpilen (year 1953) and the Guldpilen (1953), are the inspiring muses of the two descendants’ mood. Fully minimal style, nordic attitude and an everlasting bossy spirit.

Husqvarna Guld- och Silverpilen

Vitpilen has won the automotive brand contest for the Best of the Best category (bossy category name as well). Both showcase the perfect blend between the most useless 21st century technological velleity (back lights and circular leds, to name just one thing), raw and graceless lines, typical of the cafe racers style (the tail cut shaped like a salame slice of the black arrow, has to be mentioned in my opinion) and the rigid, almost obsessive, mental order imposed by the viking designer. From this big contrast, what comes out winning, are clean lines that have nothing to envy, except for the wisdom, to their grandmothers.

We’ll do our best to test both of them.